Does your home need piling?

Does your home need piling?

Does your home need piling?

23 September 2021
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Houses shouldn't move. When you get in your car or jump on a bus, you expect to move from one place to another, but when you come home in the evening, you expect your home to be where you left it. While it may be obvious that houses cannot move down the street, houses can sometimes move, and too much movement will prove problematic for the stability of any home and require piling to resolve the problem.

Are there signs of movement?

House movement may not be immediately apparent. Perhaps, it starts when windows and doors become harder to shut, and you wonder why they don't fit in their frames anymore? More severe movement could see jagged cracks appearing across the walls and ceiling as the house begins to pull apart under the strain of the movement.

Why do homes move?

When a house is built, it isn't built on top of the ground. The foundation goes far below ground level. A house relies on a strong foundation to remain stable, but sometimes there can be problems. Perhaps, when the property was built, the earth was not properly compacted so that over time it moves and the house starts to tilt? Alternatively,  has someone been carrying out building work near your property? Building work can affect the foundation of your home and cause it to move. It might be building work being carried out by your neighbours that is the problem, but it's also possible that it is your building work that is creating the issue. Adding an extension or increasing the weight of your property by building an extra storey or even fitting solar panels can all affect the viability of your foundation and whether piling is needed.

How can piling help?

If you notice that your home has started to move, do not ignore the problem. If it is left alone, subsidence does not correct itself. The longer you leave it before seeking help, the more severe the problem will become until eventually, your home is too damaged to occupy. By calling a piling company, you can stabilise your home and ensure that it is safe to live there for many years to come. Piling involves sinking concrete or wooden supports deep into the ground to provide the necessary support for the property. There are many piling solutions available, so to find out which option is best for your home, speak to your local contractor today.

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