4 Essential Tips to Design an Efficient Wastewater Management System

4 Essential Tips to Design an Efficient Wastewater Management System

4 Essential Tips to Design an Efficient Wastewater Management System

25 August 2021
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Improper wastewater handling can be not only costly but also pose severe ramifications to the environment. For that reason, any production plant must institute effective wastewater management plans. Such plans must include proper wastewater filtration methods to eliminate harmful industrial effluents before disposing them to the environment. Therefore, when considering your wastewater design, keep in mind these vital tips.

Consider Your Local Wastewater Discharge Statutes

Any industrial or manufacturing plant requires the necessary wastewater discharge permits before commencing operations. Therefore, you'll need to consult with your local environmental agency earlier to find what regulations apply to your type of industrial waste. When consulting, ensure that you state the wastewater characteristics, actual volumes and their source. 

Determine the Nature of Your Industrial Wastewater

Just as mentioned in the previous point, determining the characteristics or nature of your industrial wastewater makes part of the permitting process. However, this also impacts the design of your wastewater system. Various things influence the nature of your wastewater, including pH, temperature and other forms of pollutants. Moreover, it's imperative to identify the types of chemicals used in your industrial plant, as well as the potential impacts they pose to your wastewater system in their raw form. 

Additionally, it is crucial to find out how reagents or products combine to give rise to your industrial wastewater. That is essential in determining the nature of your wastewater. Besides, that will help you identify discrepancies if your industrial wastewater nature changes. 

Determine the Amount and Location of Your Wastewater Generation

When it comes to wastewater system design, it's crucial to determine the amount of water that enters the plant. Find out about the volumetric flow rate. As the business owner, you'll be held accountable for any violations regarding water volume, colour and presence of pollutants in your wastewater effluents. 

Additionally, make sure you've determined the sources of your wastewater pollutants. That's crucial in helping you find out what originates from where. Furthermore, should there be any discrepancies, you will know the exact place to check. Another critical aspect to consider is the most significant contributor to your industrial wastewater. Confirm whether any newer processes are causing the effluent streams and whether it's possible to block them out temporarily to assess the containing pollutants for compliance. 

Enlist Professionals During the Designing, Testing and Management Phases

It's crucial to seek help from professional wastewater treatment experts. That's especially helpful regarding matters to do with designing, testing and management of your industrial wastewater system. When choosing the right wastewater treatment firm, determine whether they have installed a wastewater plant and its performance. The company must be well-versed with compliance protocols and local wastewater management regulations. 

Finally, each operator must possess individual valid licenses to prove they are well-trained and qualified. When thinking of an in-house wastewater management team, consider using the same selection procedure. 

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