Top Reasons Why Directional Drilling is So Commonly Used When Drilling Oil Wells

Top Reasons Why Directional Drilling is So Commonly Used When Drilling Oil Wells

Top Reasons Why Directional Drilling is So Commonly Used When Drilling Oil Wells

13 July 2021
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Oil well drilling is very common in many areas of the world, and there are many different companies involved in this industry. Because of the many people who are involved in the industry and all of their individual preferences, there are actually a few different methods and strategies that are commonly used for oil well drilling. One of the more common methods of installing oil wells nowadays involves directional drilling, which is a type of drilling that isn't vertical. If you are wondering why directional drilling is so commonly used when drilling oil wells, consider these reasons.

It's Considered a More Environmentally Friendly Option

In the past, a lot of people who were involved in the oil drilling industry didn't really understand the environmental impact that their businesses had, and they didn't really know about the different things that they could do to help preserve the environment while drilling oil. Nowadays, though, there are a lot of environmental regulations in place, and many of the companies that drill oil are now focusing on doing what they can to preserve the environment. Because directional drilling typically does not do as much damage to the environment, it's become much more popular among oil companies that want to abide by environmental regulations and who want to do their part to reduce environmental impact.

It Can Help Reduce Drilling Costs

Drilling costs are obviously a concern for companies that seek to acquire oil. Companies that are able to keep their own drilling costs down can assist with keeping oil prices low for the consumers who rely on oil, all while ensuring that their own business is financially sustainable and profitable. Because directional drilling allows oil companies to do a more efficient job of drilling for oil without drilling as deep, it can actually help these companies keep their costs down.

It Can Help With Obtaining More Oil

Of course, since the whole reason why oil and gas companies drill for oil in the first place is so that they can acquire oil, it only makes sense that they want to use whatever methods that they can so that they can obtain as much oil as possible from each drilling site. Because directional drilling allows them to drill in the manner that will allow them better access to oil, oil companies can get more oil than ever when they switch to directional drilling from other forms of oil well drilling.

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