What Are Some of the Steps That Need to Be Taken When Preparing a New Subdivision?

What Are Some of the Steps That Need to Be Taken When Preparing a New Subdivision?

What Are Some of the Steps That Need to Be Taken When Preparing a New Subdivision?

1 June 2021
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You might be interested in creating a new subdivision from the ground up, but you might not be sure of all of the steps that will be involved. This varies in some cases, but these are some of the main steps that you will probably need to take while you're tackling this major project.

Finding and Buying the Land

First of all, of course, you will need to find a large piece of land that can be used for the development of your new subdivision. You'll probably want to shop around to find land that is located in a good, convenient area and that offers plenty of space so that your subdivision can grow like you want it to.

Finding Out About Zoning

Of course, when purchasing new land, you will need to make sure that the land is zoned for residential use, or you will need to take the necessary steps to have the zoning changed. Your local zoning office should be able to assist you with this.

Tracking Off Separate Lots

Naturally, your subdivision will need to have common areas, but it will also need to have separate lots for separate homes. Therefore, you will need to determine how big each lot should be, and you'll then need to go through the process of having the land surveyed and having the different lots tracked off legally.

Installing Roads and Sidewalks

Of course, your new subdivision is going to need to have roads and sidewalks. You will probably want to do this before building starts since it will make it easier for construction crews to get through and it will signify a major milestone being taken care of in your new subdivision. Obviously, you will need to work with a good paving company so that you can have the roads installed, and you can then opt for either asphalt or concrete sidewalks.

Adding Amenities

Many subdivisions offer various amenities for the people who live there, and you may want to add amenities as well so that you can attract people who want to live in the community. This means that you might need to plan for things like swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and more.

Focusing on Landscaping

Working with a landscaping company to have grass planted and to have other landscaping done is important if you want your new subdivision to look great. Additionally, you will want to make arrangements to have landscaping done.

Working With Builders or Potential Homeowners

Once you have your subdivision ready, you will need to work with home builders who build homes in your area or potential homeowners who want to have homes built. Then, you can start working with these individuals and companies to get on track to have homes built in your new community.

Contact a subdivision preparation company to learn more.

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