The Major Phases of Residential Pool Construction

The Major Phases of Residential Pool Construction

The Major Phases of Residential Pool Construction

26 April 2021
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Many people install a swimming pool to seek relief from the suffocating summer heat and exercise. To make the most of this amenity, homeowners need to select the right type. Moreover, it is important to note that pool construction is not merely about selecting a spot on your property and digging up the earth. Instead, this project can take several weeks to complete. The following information will summarise the major phases that go into residential pool construction.

Phase 1: Designing and acquisition of permits

Even when you choose stock designs such as a rectangle swimming pool, several considerations come into play since your property could be vastly different from other residences the contractors have worked in. Therefore, the first thing to consider would be the unique elements of your yards. The slope, the presence of features such as trees and secondary structure as well as the proximity of your home will all be factored in when determining where to locate the swimming pool.

Secondly, you and your contractors will have to determine if there are features you would like to integrate, for example, water features such as a waterfall, decking, a spa and so on. Once you agree on the design, the pool contractors will then come up with plans for the pool and these will include your property line, pool fencing, specifications of the pool and so on. These plans will then be submitted to the local council for approval.

Phase 2: Excavation of the site and frame installation

Once the plans are approved and your construction contractors receive the necessary permits, they can proceed to the second phase of swimming pool construction and this excavation of the chosen site. Machinery such as backhoes, diggers, excavators and more will all be employed to dig up the earth comprehensively. Moreover, the professionals have the expertise to ensure that any hardware located underground, such as utility pipes, are not disrupted in the process.

After the excavation is complete, the contractors will install hardware to connect the various electrical components and plumbing for the swimming pool such as pool pumps, return lines, suction lines, filters and more. This step is flowed by the installation of reinforcement beams that work to provide the swimming pool structure with support at the base and the walls.

Once the frame is ready, the contractors will pour in the concrete. After the concrete dries, the interior can be tiled and this step is followed by installing decking around the pool. Lastly, the structure will be ready to be filled with water.

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