Bore Water and Low Pressure: Tips for Buying the Right Pressure Booster Pump

Bore Water and Low Pressure: Tips for Buying the Right Pressure Booster Pump

Bore Water and Low Pressure: Tips for Buying the Right Pressure Booster Pump

1 February 2021
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Boreholes provide a reliable source of water for both farm and home use. However, if you have a bore in your home, you need to find a way to resolve pressure issues. The water that gets pumped from the well may not have enough pressure to serve your household. Thus, some plumbing fixtures may have a low flow rate or no water at all. 

A pressure booster pump can resolve the water pressure issues in your home. This pump pressurises the water at the water main before sending it to your plumbing system. As you consider investing in a water pressure pump, here are a few tips to inform your purchase.

Calculate the pumping distance

What's the distance between the installation location of the booster pump and the farthest plumbing fixture? What is the height of your tallest shower rose? When sizing your pump, you need to ensure that it can deliver water to all the faucets. If the distance between the pump and the farthest fixture is long, you will need a bigger pressure pump to supply water to the outlet.

Similarly, you need to consider the height of your fixtures. Pressure booster pumps have a maximum head and pressure. Head is the maximum height of the pump water. For example, if the water pump has a maximum head of 50 meters, you can't pump water to shower roses 80 meters from the ground. To avoid this, size the pump depending on the distance and height of your plumbing outlets.

Check the flow rate

Flow rate refers to the volume of water passing through the pump per unit time. Different water pressure pumps have varying flow rates. Therefore, before buying, assess the water usage requirements in your home. For example, your toilet may have a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute (GPM), while the shower's flow rate may be 3GPM. For you to use multiple water outlets simultaneously, you need a pump with a high flow rate.

Therefore, a pump flow rate of around 50GPM may be enough to serve your home. If you get a pump with a low flow rate, you may experience water shortage in some plumbing fixtures. If you intend to use your bore water for farm use, you may require a pressure booster pump with a higher flow rate. 

Choose an automatic pressure pump

There are manual and automatic water pressure pumps in the market. Manual ones require manual setting of the pump to run when the water pressure is low. Automatic pumps detect low pressure and boost it automatically. While manual pumps are cheaper, they would only be ideal if pressure issues occur once in a while, for example, with council water. Bore water requires an automatic pump to monitor water pressure automatically.

Consider the above tips when buying a pressure pump for bore water! For more information about water pumps, contact a local seller.

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