Do You Know What Roof Trusses You Need?

Do You Know What Roof Trusses You Need?

Do You Know What Roof Trusses You Need?

12 November 2020
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How much thought do you give to your roof? The roof is one one of the most important aspects of any property, it protects both your possessions and every structural component of the home, keeping them safe and dry. However, in many cases, the structure of the roof is barely considered by homeowners; they are understandably, often more interested in features of the home that they can see. If you find that you need to repair or replace the roof of your property then it can often be the first time that you have had to think about how your roof is supported.

What's under the tiles?

Whether you have a steel roof, a tiled roof or some other material, it is likely to be supported by roof trusses. It is the role of the roof trusses to carry the weight of the slates or other roofing material. Roof trusses are commonly prepared off-site and delivered to your home ready to be placed into the position they will occupy in the finished design. They will be fastened into that position using either nails or bolts that have been chosen to provide the right level of support. Preparing the roof trusses off-site in this way is nearly always quicker than trying to manoeuvre the roof trusses into position and cut them to the right length at the time of fitting.

Choosing your roof trusses

When you are designing your roof then there must be some thought given to the type of roof trusses that would offer the right level of support to your roof. Your roof design is a safety-critical issue and you can't afford to get it wrong and build a roof that will come crashing down in a storm or simply because the weight of the tiles became too much to bear. Selecting the configuration of the roof trusses must be the responsibility of a qualified individual but it is always helpful to take the time to learn about the differences between scissor roof trusses, king post trusses, and queen post trusses so that you will be able to contribute to the conversion and have some useful input into the design of your home.

One thing that your chosen roof trusses will certainly impact is the shape of your roof space so it is worth discussing your desires with the architect at an early stage so that your preferences can be incorporated into the design.

To learn more about roof trusses, talk to a roofing contractor.

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