Everything Beginners Need to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

13 October 2020
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A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is popular in Australia due to its efficiency in heating and cooling homes. The system comprises an indoor unit for heating and cooling air for distribution to different rooms through ductwork. Noteworthy, cold air is released into rooms via ceiling outlets. Moreover, air from different places is recycled through an indoor unit and air grille. A ducted reverse cycle system is expensive to buy and install; therefore, homeowners should bear a few factors in mind, including space, size of the unit, and running costs, among other factors. Here are a few things to note about ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.


The term is often used when referring to the performance of an air conditioning system. Most reverse cycle systems are efficient at cooling and heating a home because of low energy consumption. Therefore, energy costs are reduced over time compared to using other cooling and heating devices. A vendor or installer can help you to choose a system that is highly efficient and compliant to Australian energy efficiency standards. In this regard, look out for units with a high energy star rating, which translates to efficiency even in extreme weather conditions. Most importantly, the overall cost of ownership of a reverse cycle air conditioner is lower compared to conventional AC units. The advantage is gained over time due to enhanced efficiency.

Air Purification  

Indoor air pollution is emerging as a significant concern in Australia and other parts of the world. It is a crucial public health issue leading to allergies and other health-related illnesses such as asthma. Therefore, a sound air conditioning system should remedy the problem by purifying indoor air besides cooling and heating. Installing a reverse cycle air conditioning with inbuilt air purification filters can avert indoor pollution. An air purification system can also absorb bacteria and viruses while dampening foul odours. Therefore, the AC goes a long way in reducing the spread of airborne diseases.

Cutting Edge Cooling and Heating Technology 

One advantage of a reverse cycle air conditioner is the advanced technology adopted in heating and cooling spaces. Standard units are equipped with thermostats and inverter features to regulate indoor temperatures in record time. Conventional air conditioning systems have an on and off system, which controls a thermostat subsequently regulating temperature. However, most reverse cycle systems adopt inverter technology that progressively attains the required temperature range faster and maintains the same without fluctuations.

For more information on air conditioning, reach out to a local HVAC professional.   

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