Attributes Of Concrete That Make It One Of The Top-Performing Building Supplies

Attributes Of Concrete That Make It One Of The Top-Performing Building Supplies

Attributes Of Concrete That Make It One Of The Top-Performing Building Supplies

16 July 2020
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The greatest advantage of engaging in a custom home build is that you have complete control over the building supplies that will be utilised for the construction of your residence. Thus, some people may spend days pondering over materials that are currently trending under the presumption that concrete is simply bland. However, while concrete is not as fancy or trendy as supplies such as laser fabricated metal or glass, there is a reason why it remains a staple in virtually all construction projects in one form or another.

And if you are looking for quality building materials, you should deliberate on utilising concrete for your entire custom build so that you can reap the multitude of advantages that it offers. Before you settle on a primary material for your residential construction project, consider the following attributes of concrete that make it one of the top-performing building supplies.

Astonishing versatility

The average person typically assumes that while concrete is functional, it is only available in one form. But this is not entirely true. Granted, at its core, concrete is a mixture of water and various materials including cement, crushed gravel, fine aggregate and so on. Nonetheless, how the concrete is mixed, the size of the aggregates and reinforcing additions will all influence the innate characteristics of the concrete, and this dictates its applications.

With that in mind, you can obtain concrete for your construction project in different strengths, like high-performance concrete, rapid strength concrete, high-strength concrete and more. This versatile nature of concrete makes it popular since it can be employed for various elements of your custom build ranging from structural beams to the foundation.

Heightened fire resistance

The second reason why concrete is undeniably one of the leading quality building supplies is its heightened fire resistance. Although some materials, like steel, do exhibit tolerance towards high heat, it should be noted that they will begin to deteriorate after a short period, particularly if the temperatures are exceedingly high.

Concrete, on the other hand, can resist disintegration from heat for several hours, and this can be the difference between salvaging valuables and having them go up in flames. This heightened heat resistance can be ascribed to this material's delayed rate of heat transfer. As a result, the concrete functions as a shield that safeguards the various spaces in the structure that it compartmentalises. This attribute is vital if you are exposed to the threat of bushfires.

Further attributes of concrete that make it a quality building material include the convenience offered by its easy workability, cost-efficient pricing and longevity. To learn more, contact a company that sells building supplies.

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