Three Surprising Ways You Could Use a Wooden Pallet Around Your Home

Three Surprising Ways You Could Use a Wooden Pallet Around Your Home

Three Surprising Ways You Could Use a Wooden Pallet Around Your Home

30 January 2020
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When you need to safely transport large items, then wooden pallets are the obvious solution. They are strong enough to support heavy loads and shaped to allow them to be placed neatly in the truck while making the best possible use of floor space. Pallets have a long history in the transport industry and can often be used for many years. Despite their longevity, all pallets will eventually become expired and have you ever thought about what happens to all those pallets that are no longer used?

To recycle or to upcycle?

One of the best things about choosing wooden pallets is that they are fully recyclable. Wooden pallets don't have to end up in a landfill. The pallets can be broken down and the wood can be recycled but that isn't the only option. Recycling pallets that are no longer needed is often seen as the obvious solution but plenty of enterprising people have proved that recycling is far from the only option for a pallet that is not required any longer. Here are three imaginative ways that old pallets can be used around the home or garden.

Create a unique coffee table

A pallet already contains a flat surface. Simply by adding some short legs and a sheet of glass you will have a ready-made coffee table. You can paint or treat the surface of the pallet to create whatever colour or shade you prefer so that it perfectly matches your interior decor. If you would like to create a coffee table that can be easily moved around your home then why not fit a set of wheels rather than legs?

Build a stylish shoe rack

Shoes belong outdoors not traipsing across your expensive carpet. To make it easy for people to remove their shoes you must have somewhere to store those shoes. Old pallets can be turned into shoe racks without extensive modifications. All you will need to do is paint the pallet a colour of your choice and lean it against your wall. The shoes will slot naturally into what used to be the underside of the pallet.

Fashion a flower box

The materials in a pallet are perfect for building rectangular flower boxes. Whether you want to use the flower box inside or outside your home, using pallets is a great way to easily create beautiful flower boxes that will brighten your life.

While most people will still want wooden pallets for transporting their goods it is great to know that long after pallets have transported their last cargo they can still be providing useful service around your home.

For more information, contact a pallet supplier.

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