What To Do If You Are Worried About Protecting Your Driveway When You Hire Skip Bins

What To Do If You Are Worried About Protecting Your Driveway When You Hire Skip Bins

What To Do If You Are Worried About Protecting Your Driveway When You Hire Skip Bins

16 December 2019
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Will the weight of the filled-up skip bin damage my driveway? This is undoubtedly a frequently asked question among people looking to hire skip bins to hold their household waste, the waste resulting from a home renovation project or whatever else it may be.

You generally do not have to worry about any damage to your driveway with a skip bin. That said, some driveways, such as those made from soft tarmac, may not hold up as well as others. If you are worried about possible damage to your driveway, here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind.

1. Hire Skips On Wheels

There are skip bins that have wheels on them. Enquire from the hire company if they have this kind in their inventory.

Wheeled skip bins will generally cost a little more. You will need to consider the extra cost when hiring the skip. The additional cost, however, does not match what you may have to pay in repairs if your soft tarmac driveway gets damaged.

2. Protect With Padding

The skip bin hire company may provide suitable padding to place beneath the skip. This is usually in the form of wooden planks; placing them under the skips will distribute their weight and protect your driveway. If you have more planks, you can always add to what the skip bins company provides you.

3. Place The Skip Bins Elsewhere

Your driveway is not the only place the skip bin can go. You can have it placed on the front nature strip or the street as well. To do so, you will need to get a permit from your local council first. All you need to do is submit your application, to which you will likely receive a response within a few days.

Apart from your driveway, your front lawn is also an excellent place to place skip bins. If the ground on your lawn is firm enough, then it is a great option for holding the skips. The weight of the loaded skip bins may damage the grass in the area of your lawn where it is placed, but this is only temporarily.

As a homeowner, you want to be sure that your hiring skip bins will not damage your driveway, especially if yours is the soft-tarmac kind. By hiring wheeled skip bins, creating a base with padding and choosing to place the skips somewhere else, you can protect your driveway. Contact a skip bin services provider to learn more today.

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