Understanding Electrical Upgrades for Granny Flats

Understanding Electrical Upgrades for Granny Flats

Understanding Electrical Upgrades for Granny Flats

29 August 2019
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When you first begin the process of converting your garage to a granny flat, one of the first considerations will be electrical installation. You may have electricity running into the garage for lighting and for power outlets. What you may not have is the electrical you need for other upgrades and options. Here are a few of those upgrades for granny flats and what to understand about the electrical options for each.

Floor Lighting

One of the upgrades you can have in a granny flat is floor lighting. This is lighting that can be placed in the baseboards of the area to help light the floor at night if the family member has a hard time seeing or moving. An option with the floor lighting is to have it set to be motion-activated. This means it will turn off when the loved one is asleep or has not been mobile for a specified amount of time. When they move their feet on the floor, the lighting will come on, illuminating the floor. This can reduce the chances of tripping, falling, or stumbling over items that regular overhead lighting may not illuminate enough for older eyes. 

Heating Options

Heating options are a vital concern for many elderly family members. This is especially true when you have a granny flat that was once a garage. These rooms can be colder than other rooms in the home due to insulation differences. You can upgrade the granny flat to have heated floors and a thermostat for the regular heating in the room. This allows the family member to have a floor that is comfortable to walk on. They can also adjust the thermostat to a comfortable position for them while the rest of the home has a different temperature.

Security Installation

Security is vital when you have an elderly family member. This tends to get overlooked when the granny flat is attached to the home. Even though you are close by, there can still be issues. You can have your electrician install a security camera system that you can see from your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to check on family members if you hear a noise or if you are concerned and are away from the home. The electric installation for this system can vary depending on the camera system you purchase. 

These are just a few of the electrical upgrades for granny flats. If you have these or other ideas in mind, contact your electrical contractor. They can help you with options, suggestions, and the electrical installation of those options. They can also answer questions regarding pricing and related information regarding the installation process.

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