Benefits Of Introducing Natural Stone Into Your Home

Benefits Of Introducing Natural Stone Into Your Home

Benefits Of Introducing Natural Stone Into Your Home

10 July 2019
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Natural stone can feature in many different parts of the home, from benchtops to walls to flooring. In terms of both beauty and function, it brings many benefits. Here are some reasons to incorporate stone into your next remodelling project.

Evokes A Sense Of Nature Indoors

Stone elements, in the form of fireplace facades and splashbacks, for example, are a great way to bring nature into your home. Evolving across eons, stone evokes a sense of calmness, serenity and timelessness that enhances any living space. Because nature doesn't repeat the exact surface twice, your stone feature will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Adds Texture To Your Design

Including stone in your design is a perfect chance to introduce texture. Minimal, contemporary kitchens, for instance, that feature clean lines with little ornamentation can sometimes look bland without texture to add interest and dimension. Stone surfaces are full of irregular flecks and tone variations that contrast with the straight lines and right angles of these kitchens. As the same time, though, stone brings an even, smooth texture that complements the aesthetic. The smoothness of stone also combines well with rich, warm timber elements and with various other materials such as glass and metal. 

Offers Many Design Options

Many different kinds of stone are available with distinct looks and qualities, offering choice in where and how you incorporate it in your home. Luxurious and timeless marble creates elegant benchtops and splashbacks; its relatively porous surface needs some care. Tough slate floor tiles can elevate any space, either honed smooth or left with a lovely organic texture. Its non-porous surface is ideal for floors. Sparkly quartzite is another stone option that comes in a variety of colours, including pink, purple and blue. You can incorporate natural stone into any room, and because the range of possibilities is so vast, you can be sure to find something to complement your design. Repeating a splashback in both a kitchen and bathroom works well—because each slab is individual, they will be the same but different.

Is Long Lasting

With the right protective preparations and routine maintenance, natural stone will last for many years; just follow your manufacturers' care guidelines. And because stone offers such a timeless look, it won't go out of fashion before it wears out. Even if you remodel your kitchen in the future, you can design around your stone benchtop, splashback or floor since it harmonises with virtually any style.

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