Concrete Flooring: Three Essential Precautions for Applying Epoxy

Concrete Flooring: Three Essential Precautions for Applying Epoxy

Concrete Flooring: Three Essential Precautions for Applying Epoxy

28 May 2019
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If you are looking to improve your concrete floor, you should think about applying an epoxy coating on the surface. Naturally, epoxy is an ideal material for improving the appearance of a plain surface. However, this is not its only purpose. It will also provide a resilient coating that will minimise the absorption of moisture. Concrete is porous and tends to draw in water which can accelerate the formation of harmful cracks. Additionally, this improvement will prevent the accelerated wear of the surface due to constant use. However, the performance of the flooring will depend on your choices. Here are some tips for avoiding mistakes during epoxy flooring application:

Clean and Texture

When planning for epoxy application, you must keep in mind that the material will not stick to a smooth surface. If you apply the coating on a smooth floor, it will peel off within a short period. Therefore, you must texture the concrete in your building as part of your preparation. There are different approaches for making your concrete flooring rough, including abrasive blasting and grinding. You can also choose to etch the surface with an appropriate acid. After texturing, you should clean the floor to eliminate oils and debris which might interfere with adhesion.

Avoid Moisture

If your concrete surface is moist, the results of epoxy application will not be ideal. Simply speaking, concrete is known to be a porous material that absorbs water. If there is moisture in the concrete when water is applied, the coating will form bubbles after completion of the work. Simply speaking, the moisture will rise from the concrete but it will be trapped beneath the coating. Therefore, you must ensure that the floor is completely dry before proceeding with your work. When you finish cleaning your floor, you should allow for enough drying time, depending on the ambient conditions. Once the floor is completely dry, you can proceed.

Mix the Fluid

It is important to prepare the epoxy correctly before application. People often make mistakes in mixing the fluid, causing the final product to be unattractive and ineffective. You should check the outlined instructions provided by the epoxy manufacturer. The details should clarify the correct ratio to use when combining the resin and the hardener for the coating. Do not make guesses because different products might have differing instructions. Additionally, you must measure the quantities of the different elements with precision to avoid discrepancies.

If you are uncertain about the correct application of epoxy on concrete, consult a qualified contractor for professional help. 

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