Need to Do Some Internal Utilities Work But Concrete Blocking Your Way? There Is Only One Solution

Need to Do Some Internal Utilities Work But Concrete Blocking Your Way? There Is Only One Solution

Need to Do Some Internal Utilities Work But Concrete Blocking Your Way? There Is Only One Solution

15 April 2019
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With hundreds of new houses being put up every month across Australia, it makes sense that every so often there are communication errors and mistakes happen. This can turn into a bigger problem if it involves structural work not being made to specifications, and the worst problem of all is having building material like concrete blocking your wiring, plumbing or air conditioning. In these cases, there is only one solution: concrete drilling. Even if the material involved is not concrete but something like brick or stone, generally the only way to get through these hard construction materials is to drill through them. 

Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling is a specialised type of construction work that works to either rectify mistakes or to update a property to a new owner's specifications. Generally most popular in commercial buildings or residential basements, concrete and other similar construction materials are extremely difficult to work with once set, which is why they require specialised tools to begin any concrete drilling work. These drills are exceptionally strong and often use diamond tips to break through and create your desired new pathways. Concrete drilling is, therefore, a specialised industry, and not all construction contractors offer this service. 

What You Need Concrete Drilling For

If you are trying to make any space liveable that has a lot of concrete in its construction, you will need to utilise concrete drilling at some stage. Concrete drilling allows utilities to be correctly placed in concrete covered areas, from wiring to plumbing and air conditioning. While some people try to hide these new additions above the concrete, this often looks very unfinished, as people have come to expect these services to be hidden from view. Therefore if you need or want to create a new kitchen, bathroom, study or even a rumpus room in a concrete-floored area, you will need concrete drilling to do it right.

Finding the Right Contractor

As aforementioned, concrete drilling is a specialised industry, which means that there are not as many options as some more common construction services. To find a good concrete drilling contractor, you need to take a look at their track record and the exact services they provide, and you need to have an initial conversation with them where you can get a quote and see if you and the contractor see eye to eye. Communication is very important when it comes to construction, so you always want to find a contractor who you get along with and who is passionate about what you are doing. If this means paying more than the most basic concrete drilling option, it is usually worth it, and the process will be much smoother. 

For more information about concrete drilling, contact a company like Robert Guy & Sons Pty Ltd.

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