What To Think About When Buying Your New Pontoon

What To Think About When Buying Your New Pontoon

What To Think About When Buying Your New Pontoon

18 March 2019
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Australia has one of the longest coastlines in the world, greater than those of Antartica and even the USA, which means it should come as no surprise that a lot of Australia's business and recreation is located on this major shoreline. While there are several deepwater ports dotted across the country, these mainly service container ships and other mega-ships that ship out Australia's many natural resources. For smaller businesses like fishing vessels, tour boats and recreational tinnies, the best way to launch your boats has always been through the use of pontoons. If you are looking to get some new commercial pontoons or even new residential pontoons, then here are some things you should keep in mind when browsing for your new pontoon.


Every person who deals with water for a living will let you know just how unpredictable and violent it can be. From just the constant water wearing down your pontoons to big, natural events like thunderstorms and cyclones, there are many things that can wreck your new commercial pontoons even without you doing a thing wrong. In addition to these natural events, most pontoons have a lot of parts that all need to work together, and you may find that some have factory default pontoons and need to have them replaced before you can install your new commercial pontoon anyway. That is why it is so vital to have a warranty or some other form of insurance when buying your new pontoons, whether it is commercial or residential.


For new commercial pontoons, the main priority is to make sure that the place you are ordering from can get the pontoons to suit your needs. This will change on how many boats you intend to service, how large they are and how far out into the water your pontoons have to be. Make sure when ordering that you discuss with the contractor what you want so that you are both on the same page before any money changes hands. For new residential pontoons, you should try and think of what style you want before making any purchases as there are many different styles of pontoons that have different benefits and drawbacks. 


As your new commercial pontoons will be in the water, and the water contains a lot of very precious aquatic animals and sea flora, you need to ensure you buy pontoons that are safe and that will not damage the ecosystem. Many pontoons are now sourced from recycled materials, which is fantastic and should be encouraged. Avoid buying pontoons from overseas vendors — even though they may be cheaper, they most likely do not meet Australian standards.

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