Easy Tips for Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

Easy Tips for Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

Easy Tips for Proper Metal Roof Maintenance

28 January 2019
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Metal roofs provide several benefits to property owners. By choosing metal roofing, you are able to enjoy reduced insurance premiums due to metal's durability and unique aesthetic value, among many other advantages. Metal roofs can last for several decades when properly installed by professionals and well maintained. You don't need to hire professionals to handle maintenance for you, as it's manageable. Below are some tips you can follow to properly and easily maintain your metal roof.

Inspect the Roof for Loose Fasteners

Some fasteners used on metal roofs can become loose over time. Loose fasteners allow water into your ceiling area, and wind may blow below the roof, making them weaker. Therefore, be sure to look for loose fasteners and repair them immediately. Loose fasteners will generally protrude, making them easy to notice.

Inspect Gutters 

Conduct regular inspections on your gutters to check for blockage or misalignment. Debris and leaves tend to accumulate on the gutters, causing blockage. Remove any leaves and debris that have gathered on the gutters to prevent water accumulation on your roof. In addition, make sure to check for dents or dips that may interfere with water flow on the gutters. Replace or repair any damaged sections.

Avoid Walking on your Roof

Metal roofs are thinner than other roofs. By walking on your roof, you're likely to damage your roof. During rainy seasons, your roof is more likely to leak due to the low spots and ruptured areas created by foot traffic. If you must walk on your roof, make sure to walk along the fasteners, using the purlins and joists for support. As a safety measure, avoid walking on metal roofs during wet seasons, as they can get slippery.

Avoid Direct Contact With Other Metals

When dissimilar metals are in direct contact for a long time, a reaction occurs that can cause corrosion of your metal roof. In such cases, the roof may end up having small holes, which may require replacement.  Therefore, always make sure vendors such as cable and solar-panel installers use compatible materials during installation.

Check for Damage After Adverse Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as heavy rains and snow may damage your roof. Always check and repair damaged panels, or replace them immediately after the season to protect your house.

With proper maintenance, metal roofing is an excellent solution for your building. For more information on metal roofing installation and maintenance, contact your supplier.

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