Three Essential Guidelines for Setting up Scaffolding for Construction

Three Essential Guidelines for Setting up Scaffolding for Construction

Three Essential Guidelines for Setting up Scaffolding for Construction

26 October 2018
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Proper setup of your scaffold is essential for the safety of your workers and the efficiency of the construction operations. In simple terms, if the scaffold is installed on the worksite correctly, there will be minimal risk of worker falls and injuries. In addition, the people using the scaffold will be able to move freely and work effectively on their at-height tasks. Consequently, the construction and related processes will be completed with efficiency. Here are some essential guidelines to help you achieve ideal results when setting up your hired or purchased scaffold.

Assess the Installation Site

You should evaluate the worksite on which the scaffold will be installed. It is important to ensure that the setup space is ideal for the placement of your scaffolding before beginning the construction of the structure. When assessing the construction site, you should review the ground condition. Setting up a scaffold on uneven, rocky or unstable ground can be challenging. Therefore, if there are unsuitable conditions, it is advisable to plan on correcting the problems before proceeding. You should also address potential overhead obstacles such as trees and power lines. If the obstacles cannot be removed, consider your options for redesigning the scaffold structure to avoid the dangers.  

Build a Firm Foundation

Like other structures, scaffolds require a firm foundation for optimal performance and safety after installation. As mentioned, the scaffolding must not be placed on an uneven or unstable ground. Under ideal circumstances, the ground should be completely levelled or flattened before establishing a foundation for the scaffold. It is not difficult to create a good scaffolding base. You can simply place the structure on soil or hot asphalt. However, it is important to remember that the base plates or casters in mobile scaffolds can sink in these materials. Therefore, you should place blocks of wood beneath the scaffold legs to prevent the structure from sinking when weight is exerted.

Clear the Installation Site

You should ensure that your installation site is clear before placing the elevated structure and prior to commissioning the scaffolding for use. Construction sites are often quite messy. It is not uncommon to find debris, building materials, tools and equipment in inappropriate places. Unfortunately, these items can interfere with the correct placement of the scaffolding. In addition, the mess around the elevated structure could increase the risk of injuries. You should avoid these detriments by keeping your construction site organised. Place your tools and equipment in a designated storage place, and collect waste materials regularly for optimal site cleanliness. To make things easier, consider scaffold hire.

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