Two tips for those who are about to fully renovate their homes

Two tips for those who are about to fully renovate their homes

Two tips for those who are about to fully renovate their homes

1 August 2018
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If you are about to renovate your home, from top to bottom, you may find the following two tips to be useful.

Spend a large portion of your renovation budget on a new roof

Whilst it might be tempting to splurge on things that will enhance the appearance of your home (such as, for example, real hardwood floors or a marble worktop for your kitchen), it is vital to ensure you spend a significant portion of your renovation budget on high-end roofing materials, as the roof plays a determining role in the structural stability of your home.

If instead of choosing, for example, Colorbond roofing materials, you opt for roofing made from inferior materials, you may end up spending a hefty sum on structural repair work in the future.

The reason for this is as follows: a roof made from cheap materials will be far more likely to develop holes than one which is made from robust materials.

If rainwater drips into your home via these roof holes, it may saturate all of the wooden structural components that are located in the uppermost part of your home (such as the joists and roof trusses).

Once these components become fully saturated, they may rot, after which they will no longer be able to play their part in keeping the property structurally stable. This could lead to the shifting of the entire structural framework, which could, in turn, lead to your home's walls cracking and your foundation sustaining damage.

Invest more time, energy and money into renovating the areas of your home where you spend most of your time

A lot of homeowners who decide to renovate their properties make the mistake of devoting far too much time and energy to renovating the areas of their home that other people (such as friends, family and neighbours) will see. This mistake is usually made because they want to impress these people.

However, the reality is that you and your immediate family are the ones who have to live in your home all of the time.

As such, whilst you might like the idea of your visitors gasping in awe at the sight of your beautifully-decorated guest room, or your luxurious new guest bathroom, the reality is that you will get far more enjoyment out of your newly-renovated home if you focus most of your energy on the areas where you and other household members spend time.

For example, if you love to cook and have sit-down family meals every evening, then it's worth putting effort into creating your ideal kitchen. Likewise, if you frequently spend your evenings relaxing in the garden with your loved ones, then it's worth splurging on a beautiful new patio.

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