4 Aspects for Truck Owners to Consider When Buying Aftermarket Truck Seats

4 Aspects for Truck Owners to Consider When Buying Aftermarket Truck Seats

4 Aspects for Truck Owners to Consider When Buying Aftermarket Truck Seats

1 May 2018
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Ideally, truck seats should be ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort to drivers of all body sizes for an entire shift. For instance, the design of the backrest should mimic the S-curve shape of the back. Also, since trucks vibrate a lot, the seats must dampen any vibration that might cause potential injuries to truck operators. Therefore, with proper seats, truck operators are likely to realise reduced rates of fatalities, injuries and illnesses. Here are some insights for truck owners to note when buying truck replacement seats.

Back Pain Reduction -- Truck drivers most often experience back pain problems because of continuous passive motion when driving. Therefore, it is incumbent upon truck owners to ensure driver comfort, which in turn translates to enhanced productivity and safety. So how does sitting hurt truck operators? By continuously sitting while driving trucks, operators strain ligaments and muscles as the body exerts pressure on the spinal cord. Therefore, truck owners need to consider seats that have lumbar support features and a reclining mechanism to limit spinal strain on drivers.

Vertical and Horizontal Adjustment -- Truck drivers come in different shapes and sizes; hence, a seat must be adjustable vertically and horizontally for the operator to find the best driving position. Adjustment ensures that drivers do not strain while driving, which is the main reason for bodily injuries. By assuming a comfortable position, the driver's muscles and ligaments are always relaxed, unlike when the seat lacks proper adjustments. As such, only consider buying seats that allow for vertical and horizontal positioning.

Cushions -- There lacks consensus whether firm cushions supersede soft cushions when it comes to seat comfort. Let your driver test a few replacement seats at the store before settling on the one with the best buffer. Best, in this regard, is a subjective term because some drivers prefer soft cushions while others would go for hard pillows. Remember that the best cushioning is the one that shields a driver from excessive vibrations. Furthermore, a truck driver is likely to experience jolting and jarring, especially when driving on rough terrain. Even better, consider air suspension seats that help to isolate the most subtle vibrations.

Leg Support -- During driving, an operator's legs should be positioned correctly so that they don't suffer injuries because of assuming awkward positions. Improved support for a driver's legs reduces pressure on leg muscles thereby enabling unfettered blood flow. Get truck seats that offer leg support and allow operators to position their spines correctly.     

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