Top Reasons to Consider Choosing Timber Trusses Over Steel Trusses

Top Reasons to Consider Choosing Timber Trusses Over Steel Trusses

Top Reasons to Consider Choosing Timber Trusses Over Steel Trusses

4 January 2018
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When it comes to choosing trusses for building construction projects, builders generally have to choose between two types of products: timber trusses and steel trusses. Each product has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages that should be assessed separately before determining what option best suits the building owner's needs. 

If you're considering choosing timber trusses over steel trusses for a particular construction job, your client may want to know the reasons for your preference. Here are some important points you may use to support your decision. 

Timber trusses are relatively less expensive.

When determining what materials to use for a construction job, it is important to compare the cost of the various material options available. One of the most notable advantages of building with timber trusses instead of their steel counterparts is that significant cost savings will be realised when trusses are being purchased. Therefore, timber trusses are the better option when you are working with a smaller budget.

Timber trusses have a lower embodied energy.

As timber has a lower embodied energy compared to steel, it means fewer energy-consuming processes are involved in fabrication and delivery of timber trusses to various construction sites. This, in turn, means that energy savings will be made by choosing timber trusses over their steel cousins. The energy that will be saved can be channeled towards other productive uses.

Timber trusses are made of renewable material.

Unlike steel trusses, which are made from non-renewable metal ores acquired through mining activities, timber trusses are made from trees harvested from managed forest plantations. This means that building with timber trusses is more sustainable. More trees can be planted to replace those being cut down.

Timber trusses are easier to customise.

Timber trusses are a superior choice over steel trusses when design flexibility is desired. This is because it is much easier to cut and customise timber trusses. In addition, alterations can be made to timber trusses much easily if need be. Therefore, timber trusses may be the perfect choice for projects where the use of standard trusses may not be feasible.

Though timber trusses tend to offer the above-discussed benefits, make sure you also let your client know about the disadvantages associated with these trusses. For instance, your client should know that timber trusses cannot outlast comparable steel trusses. Likewise, they should know that wood is a gift of nature and is susceptible to warping, insect attacks as well as rotting.

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