Boost your home security with window security film

Boost your home security with window security film

Boost your home security with window security film

4 January 2018
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The security of your premises must always be taken seriously. Most people take the time to install locks on their windows and doors to ensure their building is secure, but often windows and other areas of glass can be seen as presenting an opportunity for the burglar. Breaking a glass window is simple to do and provides an easy method of access into your property. Traditionally it was thought that only adding bars or reducing the size of the windows could prevent this type of attack.

How window security films can help

Instead of shrinking or removing your windows in an effort to improve your security why not fit a security film over your existing glass and preserve your natural light levels? Window security films provide a definite line of defence in the event of an attempted break in. A security film will slow down entry to your premises by holding the glass together and requiring repeated blows to successfully break the glass and gain access. This ensures that a quick, silent entry to your premises through your windows, or patio doors is not possible.

How are window security films fitted?

Security films are available in a range of thickness and colours. You can choose whether you prefer clear, tinted, or reflective film, and you can select the level of security that is appropriate for your premises, whether you simply desire a standard window safety film, or need a film to provide bomb-blast protection there is a window film that is right for your circumstances. Security films are added to the surface of your existing glass and will not require the expensive replacement of your windows.

Are there other benefits of window security films?

In addition to the obvious security benefits they bring, window films are a useful safety solution. The film ensures that should the window pane becomes broken all of the glass remains together and cannot cause injury to those inside the premises.

Depending on the film you choose there are a range of other benefits that could come with your window film. Tinted window film can prevent sun-glare and fabric fading. It will also block the view of potential intruders looking in. Whatever your security or safety needs talk to a security film supplier today. They will be able to suggest a solution and to arrange the installation of the perfect window security films for your premises.

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