Building Designs to Increase Natural Light in Your Residence

Building Designs to Increase Natural Light in Your Residence

Building Designs to Increase Natural Light in Your Residence

30 October 2017
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Australia may be famed for its sunny weather for most months of the year, but if you are cooped up in the house for one reason or another, you may not be able to make the most of this sunshine. Older building designs did not put much consideration into the maximisation of natural light, so interiors can have a propensity for being dark and gloomy. Luckily, if you are constructing your own home, you can incorporate designs that would boost natural light inside your home all year round. Here are a few of the building design ideas you could integrate with your construction to increase natural light in your residence.

Seamless transitions between your house and outside

In some instances, you may find that the natural light in your home relates to your perception rather than reality. For example, if you keep a door open, your home will undoubtedly seem sunnier than it would if it was closed. Thus, one building design that can help with this perception would be the integration of indoor-outdoor living. French windows or bifold doors are increasing in popularity with Australian homeowners, as they provide you with an easy way of embracing your verandah, patio or any other exterior space while still being indoors.

Install reflective flooring

When most people consider flooring materials, their primary focus is on durability, particularly when installing these floors in heavy traffic areas such as the living room. However, considering how much real estate the floor takes up, it should come as no surprise that it would also influence the amount of light in your space. Rather than choosing matte surfaces for rooms that receive minimal light, gravitate toward reflective alternatives that would boost light illumination. Finishes such as epoxy are highly reflective while also providing you with enhanced aesthetics.

Utilise a lot of glass

Glass was typically a staple in commercial premises, as people would sometimes assume that it is either too feeble to be used for residential applications or that it is too expensive to be incorporated into building design. In truth, glass is just as suitable for residential properties, as it offers both visual interest and functionality. Moreover, glass can be used in a myriad of applications in and around the home. A good place to start would be the installation of glass balustrading on your stairs, which would make your home appear spacious. Secondly, bathrooms could benefit from the use of glass bricks on the walls that would reflect light and make the room appear airy.

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