Plumbing Supplies Every Handyman Should Have

Plumbing Supplies Every Handyman Should Have

Plumbing Supplies Every Handyman Should Have

23 October 2017
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As the owner of a handyman business, you will have a wide range of jobs including plumbing jobs. Though you may not handle the larger plumbing jobs, there are some small ones such as leaks that you will handle. For those jobs, it is best to have a few plumbing supplies on hand. Here is a small view of the supplies you should have on hand and what to consider about each one.


Fittings are the most commonly replaced item when it comes to plumbing issues. These fittings may leak, crack, or completely break depending on the plumbing issue. As a handyman you should have several of the most common fittings in your plumbing supplies. The most common will be your elbow joints, flare fittings, compression fittings, and a variety of PVC fittings. You can buy these fittings through local wholesale supplies or home improvement stores. Harder to find items should be ordered to keep on hand just in case of a serious issue that you do not want to have customers wait for.

Water Heater Components

Water heaters are likely going to be one of the more common calls you will receive. The minor issues will be small leaks from the water heater. However, some cases may have you replacing pipes to the water heater, full water heaters, or components. Some of the components to consider are valves, drains, heating elements, and pipes. If you are in an area where tankless water heaters are popular, you may also want to keep a few of those supplies on hand as well.

Toilet Repair Kits

When you deal with leaks and plumbing issues from toilets, you may find that it is easier to have a kit than it is to replace just a few of the parts. There are generic toilet repair kits you can buy that are designed to fit most traditional models of toilets. These kits come with the flappers, seals, bulbs, and sometimes levers. If you find that you are coming across a particular make or model of toilet that generic kits do not fit, then consider buying a few kits in that make and model design.  

These are just a few of the plumbing supplies that you may want to keep on hand. Make sure, that in addition to these supplies, you also have a local supply provider to turn to. This will help ensure you have a plumbing supply contact and some supplies on hand for the various jobs you will encounter.

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