Choosing the Right Garage Door Remote

Choosing the Right Garage Door Remote

Choosing the Right Garage Door Remote

19 October 2017
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A remote control is a device which is used to control a machine from a given distance. It uses radio or electric signals to transmit instructions input by the user. Garage door remotes come quite in handy; however, selecting the perfect one can be challenging. To help you out, here are some things you have to put in mind.

Garage Door Information – Before purchasing a remote, it is vital to take a look at the garage door information. This includes exclusive details such as the model and manufacturer information. Such data will direct you to purchase the required remote control through matching the model number and the brand type. The details will also simplify searching for a remote, as you will be guided towards a specific product. This is especially important for older garage door models which do not operate with the various universal remotes available.

Universal Garage Door Remotes – Universal garage door remotes give you the opportunity to set it according to your door opener. The remotes can be made to open either one or two garage doors, provided it is compatible with the manufacturer model.  Many of the universal remotes come with an extra control switch which can be used to manipulate the lights in your garage. The universal remotes will work best when you have a newer garage door opener model.

Programming the Remote – Another thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a garage door remote is the programming aspect. This should, however, not scare you, as the entire process is simple. The remotes come with detailed instructions on how to set them up properly.  Once this is done, the remote will synchronise with the correct radio frequencies required for your garage door. When it comes to universal remotes, however, the process is a little complicated, as it entails setting the dip switches. This will enable the remote to indicate the opener brand as well as the required frequency for your doors. Such remote controls also come with their directions, depending on the brand you purchase. 

The Remote Buttons – Garage door remotes come with a different number of buttons. However, the number is determined by the functionality of your remote control. A simple remote designed to open one door will come with a few buttons. On the other hand, a remote which opens two garage doors and controls the lights might require more buttons. Before settling on a garage door, first think of the many functions it is expected to serve to get the perfect number of buttons.

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