Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Garage Door

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Garage Door

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home's Garage Door

18 October 2017
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Don't overlook upgrading your home's garage door when needed; an old and worn door can detract from your home's curb appeal and even its resale value, and you may be losing heat and air conditioning out an older door of an attached garage. Older doors may also be unsafe and invite thieves and intruders, whereas a few upgrades can make your home's garage, and everything stored inside, much safer from potential theft. Note a few simple but important ways you might consider upgrading your home's garage door, and then discuss these tips with a contractor as needed.

Rubber stopper

Many garage doors have what's called a threshold seal at the bottom to help seal that gap between the door and the ground. Replace this seal with a thick rubber stopper you attach to the garage door itself. A rounded stopper made of thicker rubber, instead of just a flat seal on the ground, can offer more insulation for the garage and also more protection for the door if it should ever suddenly slam shut. Stoppers are relatively inexpensive and can often be installed yourself, so they're a good investment considering the amount of protection they offer the garage door.

Add lighting

If you don't have a spotlight over your home's garage door, you might consider adding one. A light can improve security, as thieves typically don't like to be in a spotlight when breaking in, and a good light can also reduce the risk of bumping into the garage door while pulling into your driveway. If you don't like a plain spotlight or utilitarian floodlight, consider decorative lamps or torches you can add to both sides of the garage door; choose something that matches the front porch if it's visible in front of the garage, and the area will look attractive while also being safer.

Upgrade the remote

A new remote, such as panel garage door openers, can have a wide variety of programming features that keep the garage safer from potential thieves. A rolling code will mean that no one can use the remote's code if they should copy it, as the code is reset after every use of the remote. A timer can automatically close the garage door after it's been open for a certain amount of time, so you never drive off and forget to close the door. An alert can work in a similar way, alerting you if the garage door has been opened for a certain amount of time, or if it opens at all, so you know to check on any unexpected openings of the garage door.

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