Garbage Bin Overflowing? Impact on Your Health and The Environment, And How to Prevent It

Garbage Bin Overflowing? Impact on Your Health and The Environment, And How to Prevent It

Garbage Bin Overflowing? Impact on Your Health and The Environment, And How to Prevent It

17 October 2017
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Garbage removal services are more important now more than ever in keeping cities and homes clean and healthy. This is because the world has become one big society that creates a lot of waste.

With increasing amount of waste produced through food and general household litter, overflowing bins in both households and public areas have become a major issue. Not only is overflowing garbage a source of pollution but it also negatively affects your health and the environment.

Here are reasons why it's not a good idea to let your garbage overflow.

Risk of dispersal by elements

Static waste, whether sitting beside your house or in the yard is not stable and is easily affected by elements. While most of the garbage will stay where you put it or end up either in a landfill or a recycling plant, a significant amount of the waste is spread around the world by animals in the area, by wind or by water.

Spread out waste has an impact on your health, the health of those around you, and animals as well.

Air pollution and respiratory complications

Overflowing garbage leads to respiratory diseases and other health complications due to the contaminants inhaled into the lungs and eventually absorbed into other body parts.

Contaminated air causes toxic pollutants such as methane and carbon dioxide due to overflowing garbage. In everyday life, you can identify polluted air through bad adores from decomposing garbage.

Surface water contamination

Overflowing garbage can easily contaminate water at the surface level once the liquid waste is absorbed into the soil. Water pollution affects all existing ecosystem including animals that drink or interact with the polluted water.

Surface water is also affected by the trash being dumped into the water, chemicals leaching out from overflowing garbage and runoff water passing through trash on its way into the main watercourse.

Risk of bacteria and insects

Overflowing garbage bins create the ideal breeding ground for insects and bacteria. Such harmful bacteria can be transferred into your home by animals that come into contact with the garbage such as stray cats and house flies.

Such contamination can lead to typhoid fever or food poisoning including a host of other major diseases. Other than flies, rats, and a few stray dogs thrive on overflowing garbage bins.

So, how can you prevent your garbage from overflowing?

The best way to eliminate the unsightly garbage flow is to hire larger bins that can hold more waste than your current bin.

Also hire a good, reliable hauling service to help you coup with mounds of garbage.

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