Tips to Help You Embark on Sustainable Home Renovations

Tips to Help You Embark on Sustainable Home Renovations

Tips to Help You Embark on Sustainable Home Renovations

16 October 2017
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Redesigning your home through renovations is a great way of adding value to the residence. However, these upgrades could be of more benefit to you if they help to make your home more sustainable, as this will translate into less energy consumption and subsequently decreased utility bills. Nonetheless, some homeowners may not know how best to incorporate elements in their renovation that would help elevate the premises as they tend to be solely focused on visual appeal. This article outlines helpful tips that would aid you in embarking on sustainable home renovations. 

Seek salvaged materials

The most popular renovations that homeowners engage in is switching out their cabinetry and countertops for new ones. Nevertheless, just because you are looking to change the materials does not mean they have to be brand new from the store. One approach that is steadily being adopted by Australians is the use of salvaged materials. There are various advantages of choosing salvaged materials over brand new ones.

Firstly, salvaged materials would be cost efficient, which would work to keep your home renovations on a modest budget. Secondly, salvaged materials ensure that you do not increase your carbon footprint, as you will not be contributing to the manufacture of new tiles, vinyl and more. Moreover, by choosing salvaged materials, you decrease dumping in landfills, which is beneficial to the planet. You can find salvaged materials such as timber, tile, marble and more to suit your renovation needs.

Opt for non-VOC paint supplies

A quick way to update the appearance of any room in your home would be giving it a fresh coat of paint. However, do you know that your choice of paint could have an adverse effect on the environment? Although a good number of people know to avoid lead paints in their home, not many are aware that conventional paint is not eco-friendly. Regular paints supplies contain volatile organic compounds.

These VOCs are released into the environment, and they contribute to the degradation of the ozone layer. Not to mention that inhaling of VOCs poses a health risk to you and your loved ones, that is why it is recommended to leave the premises when the painting is underway.

To avoid the lingering stench of new paint while also ensuring you are not contributing to environmental degradation, you should search for non-VOC paints. Although these paints may be more expensive than their counterparts are, they offer you the benefits of a safe painting solution for your home and the environment.

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