4 Benefits of Copper Roofing

4 Benefits of Copper Roofing

4 Benefits of Copper Roofing

16 October 2017
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When replacing the metal roof on your home, you may not have considered the benefits of installing a replacement made of copper. Copper has been used as a roofing material for many centuries. Today, copper roofing is becoming a very popular option for Australian households. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of asking a roofing contractor to install a copper roof on your home.

Improved energy efficiency

With energy bills rising and the extent of mankind's contribution to global warming becoming clearer, many Australian families wish to do what they can to reduce the amount of energy they use and their impact on the environment. Copper is a great choice if energy efficiency is your goal. A copper roof will reflect the intense heat of the sun rather than absorbing it. This will reduce the interior temperature of your home and reduce the need for you to power up your air conditioning system.

Long lifespan

Copper is a very robust material which can withstand everything that the elements can throw at it. Whereas a tiled roof may need repairing after a period of stormy weather or a concrete roof may be affected by moisture which weakens the slabs, a copper roof will stand strong with a minimum amount of maintenance.

Easy transportation and installation

The copper sheeting which will form your roof is very lightweight. This means that it is very easy to transport from the metal yard to your home. The low weight also makes lifting the pieces of copper plating into place much easier than trying to lift heavy tiles or pieces of steel. The fact that copper is such a lightweight material also means that the walls of your building will not be placed under a large amount of stress by the weight of the roof.

Aesthetic appeal

Finally, a shiny copper roof looks great and can really make your home stand out from those which surround it. The copper roofing panels supplied by the contractor are available is a number of different finishes such as traditional brown, bright copper or matt green, which means you can use a shade of copper which perfectly matches your property. Also, as an added bonus, a copper roof will tend to look better with age, which means the appeal of your home can only increase.

If you would like to find out more about having a copper roof installed on your home, you should contact a metal roofing contractor near you.

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