Marina Maintenance: Critical Upkeep Guidelines for Your Wooden Boat Dock

Marina Maintenance: Critical Upkeep Guidelines for Your Wooden Boat Dock

Marina Maintenance: Critical Upkeep Guidelines for Your Wooden Boat Dock

13 October 2017
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Wooden docks are ideal for marinas because they enhance aesthetic appeal. Unlike contemporary materials, timber has an authentic charm which creates an old-world ambience. Moreover, these docking systems are long-lasting when built with the right construction products. Unfortunately, lumber is not a low-maintenance material. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy long-term service, you should be diligent in the upkeep tasks. Here are some critical maintenance guidelines to help improve the performance of your wooden dock and prolong its lifespan. 

Perform Structural Inspection and Maintenance

The environmental changes which continuously occur in marinas can have a significant impact on the wooden docks. In simple terms, these systems are exposed to moisture, the harsh sun, storms and mechanical pressure. These factors can lead to the structural damage of the platform. Therefore, you should perform regular inspections of the dock to identify any anomalies. Check for wooden boards for signs of rotting, cracks and splints. These elements should be replaced to restore the integrity of the dock. You should also examine the condition of metal fasteners such as bolts, nuts and nails. If these are rusted, they will not create tight connections. So, you should perform replacements. 

Clean the Timber Surfaces Regularly

You should clean the timber docking system on a regular basis. This practice will prevent the build-up of grime which can cause wood rotting and slipping accidents. Also, the upkeep will improve the visual appeal of the surface and the entire marina. When cleaning your dock, you should choose environmentally friendly products which are designed for use on wood. This precaution will prevent the contamination of the water which can poison aquatic life. Moreover, the timber will not sustain damage from the gentle formulations. Also, you should not use a pressure washer for this purpose. The high water velocity can cause damage to the platform and the wood splinters, and metal shavings will be swept into the ocean.

Choose the Right Wood Sealant

Finally, you should seal the wooden deck for protection of the material. Timber will experience accelerated degradation if exposed directly to water because of its porosity. A sealant will create a protective layer which will ensure the longevity of the structure. When planning to seal the system, you should look for products which are specifically intended for use on wooden docks. Never use regular paints and stains because these have dangerous compounds which will harm the aquatic ecosystem.

If your wooden dock requires extra attention, you should consult marina contractors for professional assistance. 

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