Don't Overlook Concrete for Your Interior Flooring Solutions

Don't Overlook Concrete for Your Interior Flooring Solutions

Don't Overlook Concrete for Your Interior Flooring Solutions

12 October 2017
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If you are looking to replace your interior floors, chances are the idea of concrete makes you think of cold and industrial flooring. Although concrete was primarily utilised for its functionality, in recent years exposing your concrete slabs and treating them has become a popular alternative for homeowners who would like a material that provides them with both uniqueness as well as visual appeal. With concrete as your interior flooring, you can be assured your space will stand out. Here are a few reasons why you should not overlook concrete as a suitable interior flooring solution.

Concrete flooring is a sustainable solution

A surprising fact about concrete is that they present one of the more eco-friendly flooring solutions in the market. This sustainability is particularly apparent when you opt for recycled concrete . When driveway or garage flooring is taken apart, concrete that is in good condition can be salvaged. All you need to do is locate the salvaged concrete and have it smoothed out and polished to boost its appearance. Not only would you be helping in minimising landfill waste, but also you will also be reducing your carbon footprint by not opting for newly manufactured flooring.

Concrete flooring is extremely low maintenance

A principal reason why concrete is usable as exterior flooring is its innate resilience coupled with easy maintenance. No matter what the ambient weather conditions are, concrete is bound to have a long lifespan as long as it has been professionally sealed. Secondly, sealing the concrete also helps in preventing staining, which makes it extremely easy to clean. These two properties make the concrete  especially ideal for interior applications. Whether the flooring is exposed to high foot traffic or if cleaning and maintenance is neglected from time to time, you can still be guaranteed that your flooring will look and be in tiptop condition.

Concrete  flooring offers high versatility

There are several ways that concrete flooring can provide you with enhanced versatility. The concrete, to begin with, can be used for additional applications other than flooring. Therefore, you can inject uniformity into your home by installing the concrete as wall tiles, countertops and more. Secondly, a broad range of finishes can be applied to the concrete to boost its aesthetic. From matte finishes to shiny, satin sheens, you can make your concrete as attractive as you would want. Moreover, techniques such as stamping or acid etching can add a unique touch to your floors. 

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