The Pros of Installing Glass Walls in Your Veranda

The Pros of Installing Glass Walls in Your Veranda

The Pros of Installing Glass Walls in Your Veranda

11 October 2017
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Verandas have become an increasingly popular addition to Australian homes as more and more people gravitate toward indoor-outdoor living. This structure provides you with extra living space to entertain, making it perfect for the smouldering summers. However, when the weather changes, you may find it difficult to spend time in an open veranda due to direct exposure to the elements. To counter this, you should consider installing glass walls. The following are the various pros of choosing glass walls for your veranda.

Glass walls enhance natural light

Although natural lighting is typically an underrated feature when people consider outdoor living space, it is actually quite crucial to making the most of your time outdoors. Prolonged exposure to natural light has been proven to be great for your health, as it boosts your body's production of vitamin D. This vitamin has been known to reduce the occurrence of migraines and can also have a positive effect on your mood. Secondly, the natural light also decreases the need for artificial illumination in your home, especially if you have a transition between your interior and the veranda. As a result, your electricity bill will experience a decrease too! 

Glass walls are energy efficient and strong

Some people may assume that glass walls would not be ideal if they have kids, as they would be prone to accidents. The truth is glass walls manufactured for this use are created with double glazing technology. Various advantages come with this type of glass. Firstly, since the glass walls comprise two layers of glass, they are inherently strong. Moreover, if they were to break, they are not susceptible to shattering like regular glass. Instead, they will crack, but the double-glazing will hold the pieces together making it easier to replace the glass panel. Secondly, the double-glazing vastly increases the energy efficiency of the glass walls. By installing the double glazed glass walls on your veranda, you get the opportunity to enjoy the sun without having to suffer through the radiant heat that comes with it. Not to mention the protection the glass walls provide against ultraviolet radiation.

Glass walls are highly customizable

Another excellent reason for choosing glass walls for your veranda is you can be assured they would suit your individual project. These walls are manufactured to size, which makes them capable of fitting any opening. Therefore, whether you have a standard size veranda or one that is uniquely shaped, your contractors will be able to install glass walls per the individual specifications of your structure.

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