Renovation: The Most Productive Methods for Demolishing Your Buildings and Masonry Structures

Renovation: The Most Productive Methods for Demolishing Your Buildings and Masonry Structures

Renovation: The Most Productive Methods for Demolishing Your Buildings and Masonry Structures

11 October 2017
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If you are looking to renovate or restructure your building, there are chances that you will need to demolish the existing structures. Here are a few options for productively bringing a building down.


Implosion is a very viable method of demolition whereby explosives are used to eliminate the structural supports of a structure. For you to ultimately bring the building down, you need to know the sequential arrangement of the explosives. The detonation timing is then set, allowing the building to collapse. This method is mostly used in urban areas in the demolition of large structures. If you are try to remodel or reinvent large buildings and premises, this is the most productive method to use. For a successful demolition, it is vital that you have an assessment done by a professional contractor. The evaluation aims at analysing the structural blueprints of the building to know where the explosives should be placed. With the help of a contractor, you can ably use implosion to demolish your building. As a result, you can productively renovate the premises.

Crane and Ball

In this method, a wrecking ball hanging from a crane is used to demolish buildings and masonry structures. During the process, the ball is swung towards the building so that it crashes into the structures. When destroying a building, it is vital to contact an experienced demolition contractor to examine the viability of the crane and ball method for your activity. Only skilled and qualified persons should be allowed to handle the crane and ball equipment. It is important to note that this kind of demolition produces a lot of vibration, noise and dust. For this reason, it is advisable that you do not use it in mostly populated premises.

Selective Demolition

If you do not wish to demolish the whole building, this is the most viable option for you. This kind of demolition is controlled to salvage some of the materials such as wood and concrete as well as metal. This is a very popular demolition method in the modern world. By using this technique, you can retain some of the materials so that when you're renovating, you can save a substantial amount of cash. The primary purpose of this technique is getting the maximum amount of reusable and secondary recyclable materials. Despite the fact that this method is labour intensive, it is crucial to note that it is the most economical demolition method.

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