What You Need To Know about Trenchless Drilling Services

What You Need To Know about Trenchless Drilling Services

What You Need To Know about Trenchless Drilling Services

5 October 2017
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For many homeowners, sewer lines are among the last elements to think about. This is especially so after both construction and landscaping have been completed. However, at times, there may be problems with your underground sewer system. This requires quick repairs before further damage is caused to your property. Well, in such a circumstance, you can call for trenchless drilling services. They will ensure that they work on your underground sewer lines without tampering your ground surface. With this, the work will be completed and you will be exempted from replanting your yard. Fascinating right? Well, there are many ways one can go about this. To help you out here is one of the most commonly used techniques.

Directional Boring – Directional boring can be regarded to as Horizontal Directional Drilling. In this approach, a pilot borehole is drilled along a bore path. This causes minimum disturbance to the ground surface. The primary intention is to install pipes and conduits underground which can be used for the transportation of either fluids or materials. Through directional boring, matter from one point can be easily transported to the other without having to alter the ground cover or any obstacles on the way. The benefits of this include a reduction in soil disturbance and fractures to the existing rock formations. The method is also safer and can be used in the replacement of sewer pipes whenever damaged. Directional boring also protects the environment with the provision of secure and precise drilling capabilities. Directional boring is conducted in four main stages outlined below.

Bore Path Design – Before any ground drilling is done on your property, it is important that the trenchless service team designs a path for the bore. This will include examining the area and eliminating all the weak points that might topple during the process. The analysis will also assist them to know how the existing pipes are laid and how they will reach the ones in critical need of replacement.

Pilot Bore Drilling – The second step will be to drill the pilot bore. This is a single hole dug on your property in an attempt to steer a drill bit through the already designed bore path. The pilot bore will lead the drill bit all the way to the exit pit.

Staged Reaming – Staged reaming will be done to enlarge the borehole to the required size. This is crucial for the installation of the product pipe through the drilling for the repair works to be done.

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