2 Bold Ideas For A Unique Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

2 Bold Ideas For A Unique Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

2 Bold Ideas For A Unique Glass Splashback In Your Kitchen

4 October 2017
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Modern kitchen design has come a long way in recent years and there is an astounding number of different styles and looks to choose from. There is also a lot more scope to have fun and make your kitchen a bold, unique and fun space that has your own personal touches.

Using glass as a splashback material is a great way to add a vibrant and individual feature to your kitchen. Glass is a practical, durable, and versatile material that can be adapted to suit virtually any style of kitchen. If you're looking for a bright and adventurous way to make your glass splashback stand out, then here are two ideas you might like to consider.

1. Metallic paint

Metallics have been a huge trend in interior design in recent years. They're appearing in every room in the house and the kitchen is no exception. Adding a sparkling, metallic paint to the wall behind your splashback is a great way to embrace this trendy look in your home.

There's a fairly extensive range of different metallic paint colours and finishes available. For a regal look, a shimmering gold is a wonderful option. For a more earthy and warm look, a paint that replicates the look of aged brass or copper will look incredible.

2. Decorative wallpaper

Contemporary wallpaper is no longer the dowdy and drab type that featured heavily in 50s and 60s kitchens. These days there is a multitude of different patterns, colours and textures available to choose from. You can be as daring or as refined as your tastes dictate and add a little strip of pizzazz to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Although the splashback will protect the wallpaper from exposure to moisture and food, opt for a wallpaper that's designed for use in kitchens as a precaution.Make sure that the wallpaper is adhered to the wall behind the splashback and not onto the glass surface itself. This gives you the ability to easily replace the wallpaper with another finish if you desire without having to replace the whole splashback.

If you like the sound of one of these ideas for your kitchen, or if you have another creative idea that you'd like to try, then contact your local glass splashback installer and supplier. They can help you to get the right measurements for the splashback area and ensure that when it comes to buying paint, wallpaper or another product, you'll have the right amount for ample coverage.

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