Maritime Transportation: Selection Factors for Your Intermodal Shipping Container

Maritime Transportation: Selection Factors for Your Intermodal Shipping Container

Maritime Transportation: Selection Factors for Your Intermodal Shipping Container

28 September 2017
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If you are planning on transporting good across the ocean, you should consider acquiring an intermodal shipping container. This standardised structure is beneficial for this form of haulage because of the spacious interior. Also, the container can be used for water, rail and road transport without necessitating cargo unloading and reloading. If you are planning on hiring or purchasing an intermodal shipping container for marine transport for the first time, here are the most important selection factors to evaluate.


You should make sure that your selected shipping container is fabricated with strong materials during selection. In general, intermodal transport structures are exposed to adverse conditions, especially when handling cargo across an ocean. The most ideal material for the construction of this asset is Corten steel. This metal is robust and durable; it can withstand mechanical stress and pressure without easy denting. Also, this type of steel is resistance to corrosion compared to its counterparts. Typically, the surface of the material forms a stable protective layer which minimises degradation in harsh marine conditions.


When transporting your cargo using a shipping container, you should think about the security of your goods. If the structure cannot prevent unauthorised access or infiltration, you might end up incurring significant losses. The primary point of vulnerability in a shipping container is the door. Therefore, you should check the nature of the locking mechanism before purchasing or hiring the asset. In most cases, containers have a setup which allows users to lock the door using high-security padlock. Confirm that the feature is in good condition. Also, there should be a lockbox installed over the locking structure. Lockboxes are the special metallic structures which are welded over the lock to protect the padlock from tampering.

Type of Container

Finally, you should evaluate the different types of shipping containers available in the market. This process will help you find the structure which best matches your transportation requirements. In most cases, a general-purpose dry container will serve the haulage purpose. These boxes come in various sizes and are often used for transporting cartons, pallets, drums and packages. If your cargo is sensitive to heat, you can choose ventilated, insulated, refrigerated or heated containers. There are also less popular alternatives such as bulk containers, platform-based and open-top containers which are designed for specialty applications.

If you are not certain about the right shipping container requirements for your ocean freight, you should consult your transport contractor for customised guidance on selection and logistics.

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