Why Carports May Sag

Why Carports May Sag

Why Carports May Sag

21 September 2017
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Over time, some carports may begin to sag due to a number of reasons. This article discusses some of those reasons why your carport may be sagging. Use this information to select an appropriate remedy for that problem.

Excessive Weight

The supports of your carport may sag or buckle when they are subjected to loads that are beyond their design limits. This is most likely to happen during winter when the snow load on the roof of the carport can be significant. Replacing the supports that have buckled may be the only option for restoring symmetry to your carport. You should then sweep the top of the canopy frequently during winter so that the weight of the snow doesn't damage the replacement supports too.

Aging Supports

Some carports, such as portable carports, have telescoping supports that one can easily retract during the disassembly process. Repeated installation and dismantling of the carport can cause its components to age. It will then be possible for the carport to start sagging at those points where a worn support is no longer able to perform as expected. This problem can be fixed temporarily by taping such a telescoping support at the height where you want it to stay fixed. However, such a quick fix can complicate the disassembly process. A lasting solution entails buying replacement components for the loose ones.

Loose Canopies

Some carports may appear to sag just because the canopy that was placed on them wasn't tightened sufficiently. Furthermore, the canopy may be oversized for that particular carport. In such a case, using a spreader bar to hold up the canopy can remedy the problem. The spreader bar will also have the added benefit of letting you store taller items inside the carport. Alternatively, you could use cords and ropes to pull the canopy tighter over the frame of the carport.

Improper Installation

Some carports may sag even if none of their components are defective or damaged. Such sagging may be due to improper installation, especially when it was a DIY job. The uprights and support components may not have been oriented in a perfectly vertical position. Consequently, the structure may start to sag. The only way to fix such an error is by redoing the installation. Check the straightness of each support before you install the roof.

You should consider inviting an expert to assess the suitability of your carport in case you keep having problems, such as sagging. That person will recommend a lasting solution to the problem so that you don't keep spending on frequent repairs.

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